Who are we

We are the people that are so passionate about engineering and technology we keep up to date with latest going’s on just for fun. We live and breath technology, defence, engineering, aviation, STEM, communications, systems, automation, and anything that Revs Up, Starts Up, Winds Up, hauls, transmits or defends.

We are also passionate about diversity and treating each person as an individual with unique skills and talents, reducing implicit bias and driving change to improve the world of engineering for all.

We know our ITAR from our Security Clearance, our PD’s from our CV’s, our DASA from our CASA, our MRO from our RPO and how important it is to market a role not just advertise it.

We provide advice on recruitment campaigns and those little things that will get that hard to find person to come to you. We believe that every company can find the best fit for them and work with those companies to help them understand what that means.

We are constantly learning and talking to people from all walks of life to understand what is important to them. So that we can help our customers better.