Recruitment Tip #3 – Does your hiring process rule people in or rule people out?

This week is world Autism Awareness Week.

A read a great article from Richard Branson where he ended with,

“Rather than encouraging everyone to conform to thinking the same way, let’s support and celebrate our differences – in doing so, we all stand to gain.”

This is so true, but our hiring practices do not in any way reflect this. In the main our hiring practices celebrate the norm, they look for keywords, they look for the standard, they look for the expected.

We do not look for someone’s potential we look for their merit. But how do we judge merit, what I perceive as meritorious may not be what you do?

A perceived great interview is about storytelling, selling yourself and your abilities. But what happens when someone with great potential cannot tell a story and is telling a story really relevant to all jobs in all companies?

A perceived great resume is about matching your words with their words, but what if your keywords don’t match my keywords but we mean the same?

A perceived great worker does the job you tell them in the way you tell them, but what if your directions are not clear or you have no flexibility for difference?

It is difficult to look from someone else’s perspective, but we must. Because diversity of people creates diversity of ideas.

If you use AI to recruit and to be honest who doesn’t, who created your AI and what assumptions did they make? Have you ever looked at the applicants it didn’t choose to see why?

What knockout questions have you put in your ATS? Has that question really helped you find the best candidate or the easiest one?

Recruitment really is a numbers game and that number is time. If there is a way to do it faster, it will be done but does that really mean better? Everyone is different and those differences are what we should be looking for not how can we make everyone the same.

Read “Approaching Autism Differently” – Here

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